How to Repaint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

How to Repaint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Repaint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets. If you want to spruce up your kitchen, painting new laminate cabinets is a quick and easy way to do so. Painting needs to be done every few years or so, depending on the quality of the material. Additionally, you’ll need to sand down any surface damage or peeling paint before starting.

When painting laminate cabinets, some people prefer to use chalk paint because it’s easier to apply and maintain than regular paints. However, the price for chalk paint can vary greatly depending on your specific needs. You may also need a primer if you’re painting over dark colors, which will also have an effect on the cost of the project. Before you commit to anything, consult these helpful tips that outline how to repaint laminate cabinets!

What is Laminate?

Laminate is a man-made material that is made up of layers of paper, plastic, and adhesive. People often use laminate to cover surfaces because it’s inexpensive and easy to clean.

What Paint to Use for Laminate Cabinets

There are many different types of paint you can use for painting laminate cabinets. If you want to use chalk paint, then you’ll need a primer first because it doesn’t normally go on top of darker colors. You also need to prepare the surface by sanding down any peeling paint or other damage before starting.

If you plan to use regular paints and a primer, which is typically cheaper than chalk paint, then be sure to choose an oil-based primer so that it will provide the best coverage. Update your kitchen inexpensively and quickly with these helpful tips!

How to Prepare Laminate Cabinets for Painting

Repaint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets. A clean surface is a key component of a successful painting. Remove any peeling paint or other surface damage with a sander. Next, wash the surface with soap and water and allow it to dry completely before moving on.

How to Apply the Paint for Laminate Cabinets

There are two ways to apply the paint for laminate cabinets. The first is to use a brush, which will cover a smaller area of the cabinet at a time. The second way is to roll on the paint. A brush is better if you have a lot of imperfections in your cabinet, whereas rolling on the paint will give an even coat of paint on your surface.

The best way to get an even coat with either method is to start at the top and work your way down. You can also use a painting extension pole to reach high places in your kitchen or living room where you may not be able to stand comfortably when painting.

Repaint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets. You should generally wait at least 24 hours before putting anything back on your cabinets unless you’re using water-based paint that’s specifically designed for use on laminate surfaces.

Sand Down any Surface Damage or Peeling Paint Before Starting

The first step to painting laminate cabinets is sanding down any surface damage or peeling paint. This can be accomplished with a power sander, but it may take some time. If you’re going to use a power sander, make sure it’s in good working order and that the blades are sharpened. Once the surface is free of damage or peeling paint, you’ll want to make sure that it’s completely dry before moving on to the next steps.

Next, choose your desired color for your cabinets and use a primer if necessary. Painting over dark colors does require a primer so that your new paint will adhere properly. Make sure you get the appropriate primer for whichever type of paint you’re using because not all primers are compatible with each other from different manufacturers.

Finally, apply two coats of paint using a brush before touching up any minor mistakes with an additional layer of paint as needed.

Paint with a Primer if you’re Painting Over Dark Colors

If you’re painting laminate cabinets, it’s important to use a primer if you’re painting over dark colors. Dark colors like red or black will show through the paint and cause streaks. You can purchase different types of primers depending on the type of surface that you’re painting over. For example, if you’re using acrylic latex, then your primer will be water-based (and therefore cheaper).

Primer is an important part of repainting laminate cabinets. It ensures that the paint will stick to the surface better and give a smoother finish. However, some people prefer to skip this step in order to save money on the project. If you want a smooth finish, then it’s worth investing in a good primer that does what it says it does. Generally speaking, though, people who do use primers have reported better results than those who don’t–even with chalk paint!

Why Painting Laminate Is Important

Painting laminate is important for a few reasons. First, painting your cabinets can help to change the look of your kitchen without having to replace them. Second, paint contains chemicals that are meant to inhibit mold from forming and it’s also a sealant against water damage. Finally, it will help you save money on expensive cabinet refacing options!

When painting laminate, there are many things to consider before starting. You’ll need to sand down any surface damage or peeling paint and then prime the area if necessary before starting. You may also need a special primer for dark colors. After you’ve primed the surface and sanded it down, apply two coats of paint in a color choice of your liking!

For an easy step-by-step guide on how to repaint laminate cabinets, refer below:

1) Sand down any surface damage or peeling paint and prime with a primer if necessary

2) Apply two coats of paint in your desired color choice

How to Prepare your Laminate Cabinets

1. Remove all cabinet hardware

2. Sand down any surface damage or peeling paint

3. Remove any residue leftover from the last time you painted

4. Clean cabinets with soap and water

5. Clean surfaces with a degreaser if needed

6. Use a primer if you’re painting over dark colors

Materials Needed for Painting Laminate Cabinets

If you’re considering painting your laminate cabinets, you will need the following supplies:

  1. Rollers and a brush
  2. Paint
  3. Primer if applicable (depending on the color of paint)
  4. Sandpaper


Painting laminate cabinets can be a quick and easy way to refresh your kitchen. If you’ve neglected your kitchen, it’s time to give it the attention it deserves. A fresh coat of paint can really make a big difference in the look of your kitchen. The best part is that you can choose any color to suit your style and personality. If you’re unsure of where to start, this guide will help you get started with the process!